In 2015 the United Nations devised a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.”

The UN recognized that improving socio-economic and health outcomes, globally, is tied to combatting the harmful effects of rapid climate change. 

The 17 “Sustainable Development Goals”  (SDG’s) propose collective action to secure individuals’ and communities’ health, welfare, and prosperity.   Without arresting climate change, we cannot meet these well-defined standards for sustainable development.

  • How scientists define climate change;
  • Measured impacts of Climate Change around the world;
  • What governments and businesses are doing to redress problematic, environmental trends generated by human activity.

Moreover, we recommend actions you can take to make a positive contribution in your local community and homeland.

The United Nations unifies us through a common understanding of what’s at stake. We want you to have the tools necessary to make a difference.