About Us

Global Learning Labs (GLL) is a Swiss-based organization focused on producing the highest quality online education centered on sustainable development. With an aim of making its academic content globally accessible to university and high school students, as well as promoting a sustainable economic strategy, its founders have chosen online only enrollment seminars, whereby individuals with means remunerate through a traditional tuition paying model.

Whenever possible, GLL aspires to provide under-resourced communities access to its product line as well, through the development of partnerships with multi-stakeholders including governments, private sectors, foundations, NGOs and community-based non-profits. The United Nations derived 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to advance wise stewardship of global resources by nation-state actors and citizens alike. GLL has accepted this charter as a mandate in terms of both its programmatic content and service delivery.

The GLL leadership team have rich experience in the international non-profit, education and technology sectors. With diverse educational backgrounds in information technology, political science and business, the founding GLL members together represent a shared passion for sustainable development and education.